Why Organize?

Our philosophy is simple: life is short; too short to waste time looking for your missing car keys or insurance policy. Spend your time wisely. Organizing isn’t about pretty boxes and bins and elaborate systems; it’s about finding your stuff when you need it – then go, live and enjoy your life. You deserve a life and a space that is full of joy and possibility, not clutter and disorganization.

Guilt and stuff hold us back; let go of anything that doesn’t serve you (physically or emotionally). Live a life that is purposeful and focused – organization can help. Stop “flying by the seat of your pants” and careening from one crisis to the next – be efficient with your time and resources and you’ll find you have more of both. Things aren’t important; people are important. Don’t let the stuff in your life hold you back from enjoying your home and your life – your home should be a place of rest and rejuvenation, not stress and frustration. Treat your things and money with respect and they will serve you better. We all have things that challenge us – we can help you move forward and get it done. Asking for help isn’t weak or embarrassing – it’s the strongest thing you can do. We’ve been there and we know – the days are long and the years are short; start today to create a well-organized home for your family and everyone benefits. Being organized makes your daily living easier and the hard days, when they come, more manageable.

Perfect is not the goal – happy is the goal. Less is more –
less maintenance, less stress, less need and more space, more time and more joy…

Here’s 12 more reasons to reflect on!

  • Reduce stress, frustration, and overwhelm
  • Feel more in charge of your life
  • Enjoy having people over
  • Improve personal productivity and efficiency
  • Save money when you don’t pay for storage and late fees
  • Liberate your attention for the present moment
  • Improve your credibility with those who count on you
  • Gain self-confidence from accomplishing your goals
  • Feel more ease and pleasure where you work
  • Project a better image to colleagues, clients, and friends
  • Create more free time
  • Think more clearly, improve your focus



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